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 EARTH.er was founded in 2012 by Hong Kong designer Benny Yuen. With humble beginnings in Tai O, a fishing village located on the westernmost shore of Hong Kong, and currently based in UK. EARTH.er creates designs that are inspired by the Outdoors & Traveling, using traditional Southeast Asian craft techniques and materials that are environmentally friendly. 

  Benny has traveled to many places in the world, always on the look out for sustainable production processes that utilize natural materials with which he is inspired by and incorporates into each and every one of his designs. An example of such a design would be his hemp backpacks and the line of ‘Down to EARTH.er’ shoes which embodies the Earth as a brand in of itself. It is with the hope that those who wear these shoes as they travel the Earth, truly appreciate all that the Earth has given us, and it is EARTH.er’s hope that with such an appreciation, we choose to forsake those passing fashions and fads that pollute the planet. 

  Since its founding, EARTH.er has only used materials that are from renewable sources and EARTH.er has strived to develop sustainable practices in the making of its products. And even more than that, EARTH.er donates a part of its revenues to support children from less developed places. So It is hoped that with each sale of an EARTH.er product that our customers also become a supporter to these kids.