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Lokta 紙是尼泊爾喜馬拉雅山區域的獨特造紙技術,已有起碼二千年歷史。Lokta在海拔6500-9500尺的高山上成長,採集過程中只需取下植物的枝節及表皮,並不需要砍伐植物,是一種可持續發展的材料。

Nepali Handmade Paper making is 2000 years old technique and one of the ancient traditional crafts from the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. The Daphne bush (Lokta) used in its production is found at the altitude of between 6500ft. to 9500ft. Daphne is harvested every two or three years. By cutting its young steam a foot from the ground, the trees kept alive thus to protect ecological balance. 
The product will go to support the rehabilitation of the disadvantaged women and children as well as producers of Nepal.