Globalization Collection :: Afro 2-way Drawstring Backpack

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This eco-friendly hemp drawstring bag is proudly MADE IN HONG KONG.
by using Nepal hand-weaved hemp combining with African wax fabric

Bag size - 40 x 30cm
Strap length - shortest 36cm, longest 94cm (adjustable)

- With inner layer to strengthen the fabric so you can carry heavier items.
- Upcycling ring pull as part of the bag accessories.
- Front double stripe can be used to attach flipflops, rolled beach mat and water bottles, etc.

Caring tips:
- Cold wash & hand wash only
- Use soap water/ white vinegar for obvious dirt, do not use chemical laundry liquid.

*** Hemp fabric colour shade may vary as it's all natural. ***

Final design sketch of this drawstring backpack: