About Globalization




GLOBALIZATION - A call for a coming together of oppressed and dispossessed cultures

When you hear the word ‘Globalization’, images of trans/multi/post-national corporate hegemons out-competing, taking over, buying out local mom and pops comes to mind. But do such civilisational changes also foretell of a pushing back, a countering, a coming together of such oppressed and dispossessed cultures?

‘Globalization’ bags use hemp from Nepal, combining with African Wax fabric which is using a uniquely African technique to print the colourful and special patterns on. The materials are then sent to ‘The Local Maker’, a small cooperative in the working class neighbourhood of Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong where the hemp is made into our satchels, pouches and bags. This chain of collaborators is made up of those whom we label with the terms ‘marginalised’ or ‘vulnerable’… and in their collaborative efforts we hope to reveal to the world those who have been hidden by the bright lights of Globalization.